A beaten heart

December 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

She is trapped and she knows it.

The woman is sitting at the end of the table with her papers spread out in front of her; her face has whitened to match her knuckles as she tries to maintain an even tone in the face of their comments. The team can see this, but what they can’t see is her right leg twitching madly under the table, or the way her heart beats so fast that she is scared that it might overrun and simply – stop.

They are watching her and all loyalties have been abandoned, the planning meetings, the preparation, the excitement that comes of sharing ideas; she is alone now, in front of them, and she is shaking. It is as if she was a climber halfway up a rockface, and her partner had simply untied from the other end of the rope and left her there, to push forward across uncertain territory, exposed and afraid.

One of the team begins to interrogate her in earnest, and she knows for sure that there is no rope below and there is no obvious path ahead.


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