Some sunny day

February 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

The way it looks in the picture, it seems like she hasn’t a care in the world. A little girl, swimsuit as bright as that blue sky and those orange armbands, and the waves rolling in behind her.

She’s braced as if she’s going to run, maybe at the photographer, maybe at those waves that keep on coming in and crashing down. Maybe her brother’s just out of shot, about to throw a bucket of water at her and she’s squealing at the fun and the fear of it. Maybe she’ll be about to wade back out there with her dad, out so far that her feet lift from the sandy sea bed and the only things holding her up will be her armbands as she rises and falls with the undulating water.

Perhaps there’ll be icecream later, or they might have hotdogs – not sandwiches gritty with the beach – and no doubt someone will have lost a T-shirt. She’ll have to get changed back into shorts behind a towel as the warmth of the day dies and that cold wind whips in from the Atlantic, and her brother will be taunting her, not knowing when to stop. He never does. There’ll be tears, and words, and then driving away from the beach in silence, bare thighs uncomfortable on black vinyl car seats that are still hot from the day’s sun.

But for our photograph, the sun is beaming down on this laughing girl as the edges of the sea reach for her ankles again and again.


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